Want to Have a Water Well?

Well Drilling Tips and Tricks

Do you want to have your own water source? You can get a water well in your backyard. Well drilling is a process that can be done in a few days if you follow these steps:

  • Planning. One of your most important steps will be to pick an appropriate spot for your well. You need to find out if any wells have been drilled on your property previously, as well as if there are any phone cables, plumbing, or sewage pipes nearby. Most aquifers are at the depth of the water table, so they will have many layers of soil over them.

  • Get topographic and geological maps of the region. Consulting with a geologist will help you determine the exact location and depth of your water well. You will have to look at the topographic maps to see the surface features and their elevations. They will also assist you in choosing an area with sufficient groundwater. After that, you have to get the necessary permit to get the work started.

  • Drilling. You will have to drill away from potential contaminants, such as animal droppings, fuel tanks, waste disposal tanks, etc. Plus, you have to select the suitable construction method. Even though most wells are drilled out, some can be dug or driven. You will need to have the necessary equipment for the task – a boring machine, auger, rotary tool, and a machine with high-pressure jets of water. You have to make a hole in the ground to place a casing in the aquifer and seal it against contamination.

As you can see, well drilling is a procedure that requires a lot of time, equipment, and knowledge. So why don’t you leave everything to the specialists from Noel Well & Pump LLC? We are in Amelia, VA and look forward to your calls. You can reach us at (804) 561-4209.

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